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SHF Ribeye M326

Comments by the owners - Sandhill Farms, Dan Kniffen and ABS.

Calf Update: We now have 532 calves sired by R117. More and more, people are telling us they are using a son of Rib Eye. This is a great honor to a bull that has been increasing in popularity as more and more people see his calves. The calves are born easily, and we have used him on our heifers, cows and in our ET program. The birth weights are a few pounds larger than our Progress calves, but calving ease has been good. The calves are moderate framed, with good performance and thickness.

Performance: Rib Eye has been tested and proven in most all the American Hereford Association's reference and test programs. With a great degree of accuracy, Rib Eye is a trait leader in many traits and ranks in the top 1% of the breed for BMI and BII and in the top 5% for BII and CHB. Each year when we analyze our sale results, the Rib Eye progeny rank in the top group based on sale price. They exhibit the thickness and performance we want in our cattle.
Ribeye is an attractive bull. His depth of body, big hip and raccoon pigmented, hooded eyes make him one of the total package bulls of the Hereford breed. As of 9/20/19, he has 3,777 prodegy registered and no telling how many unregistered in the US.
Maternal: Our daughters are milking well with tight udders and good teats, some have a slight tilt in the udder shape. He is a trait leader for both teat and udder EPDs.  Nationally, 767 Rib Eye daughters have weaned over 2200 calves with a weaning weight ratio of 100.8. As mature females, the udders are full and attractive. These comments lead me to believe they will be good cows with longevity and their udders will not break down. At our production sale, we sell all the 5-year old cows with heifer calves in each year's sale. This pushes us to keep moving forward and use these good young cows. We are using Rib Eye in the pasture and have a large number of his genetics through his next generation.

His sons and grandsons are some of the most sought-after sire groups in our calf crop. Rib Eye is a true breed icon.