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Mauldin Classic Herefords

Raising the right size for better efficiency and profit for small farms


Tribute to Revolution 4R by his owner

We purchased REVOLUTION 4R in the 2006 Denver sale for $3500 in order to add a new blood line to our already strong heifer bull program. He had the performance numbers we were looking for and he became a strong leader in our yearling heifer breeding program. His first progeny topped our sale pens and he was soon noticed by AI Studs. Based on his performance and our sales of 4R semen, Genex purchased his semen rights. Revolution 4R’s progeny have since topped many Hereford breeders’ sales. His progeny have been the consistent choice of our pick of the herd sales. His sons have produced progeny that have topped our production sales. In 2013 there were more calves registered to him by breeders all across America than any other herd sire. American Hereford Association records show that 4,488 calves have him listed as their sire. Even though Revolution 4R went to herd bull heaven this fall, there are large amounts of semen stored from him and his top sons across America. The strength of a herd bull is measured by how often he can replace himself with even stronger breed improvers. Genex Records show that 4R has sold over $750,000 of semen in the US and abroad. He has moved to the top of Hereford life time semen sales at Genex.