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Mauldin Classic Herefords

Raising the right size for better efficiency and profit for small farms

R Leader 6964

Text from owner 

“Leader 6964 is a young sire attracting huge attention in North America. He first hit the headlines when he topped ($62,500) the highly regarded Rausch Herefords, SD 2015 Sale. Rausch Herefords are renowned for the quality and functionality of their female herd with more Dams of Distinction than any other program in the USA. Leader's dam is one of these tremendously functional females. She produced 2 consecutive sale toppers which is no easy feat in a herd of Rausch quality.Leader has everything we look for in a bull - carcase, functionality, efficiency and cosmetically he is very suitable for Australian markets. Leader also has a great set of EPD's including top 1% for Weaning, Yearling Weights & Rib Eye, top 5% Calving Ease & Milk + Growth, top 10% for Marbling and incredibly top 1-5% for all indexes.
Leaders dam listed as a 2015 Dam of Distinction.
A no holes bull! ​Leader is homozygous polled.”