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Raising the right size cattle

for better feed efficiency and profitability

WW Prince William
(for reference only)

“Willie” won  Grand Champion Bull at the State Fair of Texas in 2011 before he was even weaned and returned to win again in 2012.

DF Cascades Kris Kringle
( for reference only)

He measured 47 1/2" at 2018 NWSS and has settled into this height and has not changed in 7 months when he was measured at the NILE in Billings, MT. His sire is DF Cascades Noble King is a 3x Grand Champion, and dam is 05's Mo Emma is a 3x Grand Champion, Reserve World Grand Champion, and World Grand Champion Cow/calf pair.

CBD Lincoln ET
(our current breeding bull)

Sire: SS Turtle, a polled Mini Hereford, was named the Grand Champion Bull at the National Western Stock Show in 2015 and 2016. Being named a champion two years in a row and carrying some old generation bloodlines, SS Turtle already carries what we view as a blended bloodline. However, crossing a blended line with other early generation bloodlines, plus adding the polled gene to the mix, once again creates that potential for new, original bloodlines.