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Raising the right size cattle

for better feed efficiency and profitability

Breeders Listing for Miniature and Classic Herefords in the USA

I am working with Holly Schafer to create a list for breeders to list their info and for people searching for Miniature and Classic Herefords to find where breeders are. There will be specific requirements in order for breeders to list their site. The requirements are:

This information will be placed into a PDF file and updated as data changes.

Anyone wanting to be listed can send the info to me at
jmauldinsr @ gmail com
(letters are separated to keep the Internet from spreading our email address everywhere)

PFD file ====> Breeders PDF Listing

Website Breeders Listing

The table to the right is our definition of what a Classic Hereford size is.

That is only our definition and not a requirement for this listing